• “Awesome!! Melissa is very talented and is my number one recommendation for botox and fillers!! She is so professional and knows exactly what to do. You are absolutely in good hands.” — Jada O.


• “This pretty lady is very professional, and knows exactly what I need, when I need it! I always feel youthful again after spending just a few minutes with her.” — Julz D.


• “Melissa, you are AMAZING! I feel like a million bucks!!!! Thank you for being so sweet, professional and understanding. You are the best!!! Client and friend for life!!!” — Karen P.


• “I thought I was doing my skin a favor by using the most expensive brand at Walgreens. NOT! What difference SkinMedica has made. Missi ‘custom designed’ a regimen that totally transformed the way my face looks and feels. This brand is perfect for me and has jump-started a whole new dedication to ‘brightening’ my skin.” — Pamela T.



• “Okay, Micro Needling sounded scary. But Missi explained that it would help the texture of my skin and reduce the horrible chicken pox scarring I’ve had since childhood. And it’s not a “needle,” but rather a cluster of fine needles inside the SkinPen that vibrate (sort of like a Clarisonic machine) and deeply exfoliate. And I do mean deeply! I was numbed from my forehead down to my throat, and my skin got quite a work out. Missi treated every single area, then applied collagen and sent me home with an ampule to put on after I washed my face that evening. I looked sunburned the next day, but now my skin has never looked better. Was there some mild discomfort? Honestly, yes. Was it worth it? Heck, yes! Missi is a miracle worker and knew exactly what my skin needed. Thanks again, Missi!” — Charlotte S.


• “The SkinPen just rocks. It just does! My skin looks 100% better, and the excess pigmentation is gone under my eyes. It’s a miracle!” — Kim B.


• “I had the good fortune of spending about 8 hours with Missi a few weeks ago for Coolsculpting (abs, saddlebags and flanks), micro-needling and botox… Yes, it was quite a day. I won’t really see the coolsculpting results for another month or so, but my face looks great. Missi is honest.. she talked me out of spending money on fillers that I asked for because she said I didn’t need it. Having spent the day with her, I also got to know her a bit. She is a genuine, amusing and friendly woman and professional. I could see going to happy hour with her. I will be back soon for another micro-needling session. I highly recommend her. Georgia, thanks for referring me to Missi. I miss you, but she is great, too. 🙂” — Gretchen K.


• “Seeing great results from the SkinPen treatment and it has only been two full days. Redness was minor. Thank you Melissa! Will see you for my follow-up sessions.” — Devin S.


• “Love my results!” — Georgia S.



• “Love, love, LOVE the brightening products from BioPelle. I can see the difference already, and I bet you will too! I also switched to their cleanser and am very pleased.” — Nancy J.



• “I’m so glad Missi recommended GLO. I can’t believe how well the foundation matches my skin, and how thoroughly it covers imperfections. People have noticed how good my skin looks. Thanks!” — Melanie S.


• “They call it ‘camoflauge’ for a reason. If you have eruptions, scars or hyperpigmentation, guess what? There is a solution. GLO is simply remarkable! How can makeup be so ‘light’ yet so effective? I guess that’s the GLO trademark… and all I know is that it WORKS!” — Julie B.


• “I switched from Sephora to GLOMINERALS and love what it does for my skin. I know it’s better for my complexion, and now I see makeup as part of my skincare regimen. Thank you, Skinscriptions by Melissa Gibbens!” — Emma S.



• “Being a mother of two and a full-time working mom, it’s no surprise that lines and wrinkles began forming on my tired face. I met with Melissa to discuss options for regaining my long-lost youthful appearance and after a thorough consultation (wherein she could have upsold me since I was desperate to try anything), she recommended a minimal dose of Botox. Sure enough, that was all I needed to look and feel much better! During the procedure, she calmed my nerves by informing me of what she was going to do, how it would feel, and when I could expect to see results. As a person with the upmost integrity, Melissa really treats her clients well and wants the best for them. I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else; I’m a client for life!” — R. G.


• “I just want to drop you a note to tell you how much I appreciate your gifted, talented work!! I have had filler done 3 times and you are by far the BEST! I can’t believe how painless it was! Thank you so much!!” — T. S.


• “Botox erased that frown line between my eyebrows, which made me look angry. Now I look relaxed. Thanks, and I’m a customer for life!” — Mary M.


• “I have seen dramatic results with my Botox treatment! In just a few days I noticed smoother skin and my wrinkles diminishing!! My transformation has been truly amazing!! Thank you so much Melissa!!!” — Wynter F.


• “Missi used Botox around my mouth to relax the lines without making my lips look bigger. I look natural and love my results.” — Sherri J.


• “Goodness, I look 10 years younger. Raising teens had my frown furrows in overdrive. Botox took care of that, and now I look serene and in control of my face (even though my son just got his driver’s license).” — Betty W.


• “I had my first xeomin treatment with SkinScriptions by Melissa Gibbens – Missi made me feel so comfortable and safe and really took time to explain everything to me. I cannot say enough good things about her practice, work ethic, and how she treats her patients.” — Kimberly C.



• “I was so nervous getting a chemical peel. But Melissa answered every question (and then some), and I am amazed at how rejuvenated my skin looks and feels. Melissa chose a mild chemical peel for me, administered after dermaplaning. I had very little peeling (I wouldn’t even call it peeling) and look so refreshed. Obviously, removing layers of dead skin and impurities is the key to looking our best.” — Ruth T.



• “Drumroll… ta da! I now have an upper lip. Thank you, Melissa, for fixing my invisible top lip. I feel so much better and my smile is incredible. It’s a miracle, and the injections didn’t hurt as much as I thought they would. :)” — Ellen S.


• “Melissa is amazing! I saw her today for my very first treatment of Botox and Belotero injections. She was very professional and made me feel comfortable and at ease right away. I am enjoying amazing results already. I will definitely go back. I give her an A+.” — Ann B.


• “Being in my 50s, I began noticing marionette lines around my mouth. It made me look grumpy. Melissa walked me through the dermal filler process and together we chose Juvederm to improve my “look.” She turned my frown upside down and I am completely blown away by the results! Collagen is a GOOD thing!” — Barbara V.


• “Facelift with a needle! I was a “newbie” to any type of filler and only had Botox one time so to say I was nervous was putting it mildly (a little fear of pain and needles)! I really wanted to look younger, more refreshed and rested but didn’t want to look ‘fake.’ Melissa explained everything and made me feel confident that I could achieve the results I was looking for. I am AMAZED at the results and have had so many people notice “something” but can’t quite figure out what I did!!! I LOVE IT! Thank you Melissa, I can’t believe what you accomplished with a needle! I will be back.” — Milissa D.



• “I had no idea what to expect, but Melissa dermaplaned me from forehead to under my chin and removed a ton of vellus hairs and lots of dead, dry skin. It was a rigorous procedure, and when she showed me what came off my face, it looked like dust bunnies! Seriously! Needless to say, I was shocked! I’m so glad that “stuff” is no longer a part of my complexion. It literally “shaved” years off my face!” — Susie B.


• “My skin looked old. I looked old. I didn’t want injections, but wanted to put the glow back in my face. Melissa suggested dermaplaning, and it met all my expectations. It’s amazing what this procedure does to correct “old” skin and bring new skin to the surface. Highly recommended, and thank you!” — Margie O.


• “Missy is awesome! I have had 2 Dermaplaning with peels, and my skin looks better than it has in 35 years! It enhanced my Obagi skin care so much! Give her a shout!” — Sunny A.


• “Wow, goodbye peach fuzz! Close up in the mirror, and especially in bright lights or sun, I was looking like a wildebeest and wondering what to do about the clear hairs on my face. Missi explained that those are vellus hairs. I also learned that shaving them off does not cause them to grow back darker or coarser. In other words, ladies, if you want smooth skin, get the dermaplaning. It’s nice to look like a normal female, so thank you, Missi!” — Molly P.



• “I love, love, love Clarisonic! It’s like the “Sonic Toothbrush”—but for skin. I bought the deluxe version which has an attachable handle for “skincare in the shower,” but I mostly enjoy the cleansing action it does on my face. My skin has never felt cleaner, and I know that my makeup has been thoroughly removed each and every time I use Clarisonic! Thank you for recommending this product!” — Anne T.


• “‘How often do you cleanse your face?’ asked Missi. She was being kind, because I really wasn’t cleaning my face well at all. That’s when she suggested I get a fool-proof skincare exfoliator — one that did much of the work for me! Clarisonic is a miracle tool. I love how clean my skin is after I use it. My pores are no longer packed with ‘stuff,’ and I just look refreshed!” — Gabi F.