Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant Science

Uncover your brilliance with a new approach to laser skincare. Clear + Brilliant is a revolutionary, gentle laser treatment, clinically proven to fight the effects of aging skin. This safe, fractional laser technology has been optimized to maximize patient comfort while still delivering a unique treatment that addresses the early signs of aging skin.

Clear + Brilliant

Simple, Effective, Affordable

Clear + Brilliant refreshes your skin from the inside out. This microscopic treatment takes approximately 20 minutes, and the number of treatments needed depend on the customized needs of your skin. Patients report visible improvements after 4 – 6 treatments. They also report:

• Naturally radiant and glowing skin
• Visibly illuminated skin tone
• Renewed, ultra-soft and smoother texture
• Skin that looks clear and brilliant



Original and Permea Treatments

Melissa Gibbens offers the original Clear + Brilliant laser treatment, plus the new Permea treatment which integrates the elements of your skincare regimen. Both are designed to create long lasting, comprehensive results that enhance your skin’s permeability and significantly increase the benefits of your skincare products.


How it Works

The Clear + Brilliant treatment provides fractional resurfacing in a package that fills the gap in the continuum of care in the aesthetic practice. With the Clear + Brilliant laser system you can treat those just dipping a toe into the realm of laser skin care as well as those who require maintenance for more corrective laser procedures already performed. How does such a compact and stylish device deliver so much?


Here’s how. Utilizing proven proprietary fractional laser science and technology, the Clear + Brilliant laser system creates an array of microscopic lesions across the surface of the skin with each pass of the handpiece. The patented pattern of lesions is created by the Intelligent Optical Tracking™ System (IOTS) enclosed within the handpiece. This patented technology creates an unparalleled even pattern on the skin – microscopic lesions that are surrounded by large areas of healthy skin – to help promote quick healing with little or no social downtime. The healthy skin helps turn over the tiny lesions in a matter of days, revealing the fresh, smoother, healthier glowing skin below.


The Proof is in the Results

The Clear + Brilliant laser system is optimized to maximize patient comfort while still providing an effective and powerful fractional laser treatment. The results of treatment are both immediate and progressive. A few days after the treatment, your skin will start to feel softer, look brighter, and show more even tone. Results can last for months depending on your age, skin condition and how you care for and protect your skin. Melissa Gibbens guides her patients in identifying and implementing the best skin care regimens after treatment to maximize results.


Trusted and Recommended

Melissa’s aesthetic services blend art, science and expertise. Visit her Products and Services pages, and be sure to check out her Testimonials. Dozens of clients have provided feedback and rave reviews. SkinScriptions by Melissa Gibbens is honored by the trust of these patients and their loyalty. You deserve to look your best! Call 713-458-0224 or contact her today online!