What does the mirror say? Your face is the first thing others notice about you. Do you look rested? Is your skin smooth? Or does your face show signs of a perpetual frown?


Looking as Young as You Feel!

We now enjoy an average life expectancy far beyond what our grandparents could anticipate. Medical breakthroughs have us living longer and healthier … yet our skin may not always cooperate. We may look older than we feel. But there is a solution.


Thanks to BOTOX®,  50 is the “new” 40, just as 40 is the “new” 30… and so on. How wonderful that our bodies can reflect our inner youthful zest!


We should all look as young as we feel! A more youthful “you” is possible … with BOTOX®. These are among the most important facial rejuvenation “tools” aside from a facelift, and offer a preventative measure for men and women in their 20’s to 50’s—and well beyond!


Serenity in a Syringe

The popularity of BOTOX® has swept the nation (and the world) with results that smooth away those worry lines.  You will look less anxious, less angry, less worried… Melissa refers to this groundbreaking product as “serenity in a syringe.” They offer an aesthetic “rescue” to men and women who are aging less than gracefully.


BOTOX® temporarily blocks signals from the nerves to muscles, and reduce activity that causes wrinkles, frown lines, worry lines and crow’s feet. This treatment is customized just for you to soften facial features and enhance your overall countenance. You will appear more relaxed, more youthful, and more serene.


BOTOX® Cosmetic

Chances are, you have heard friends and family talk about their experience with BOTOX® Cosmetic. Melissa Gibbens is a Brilliant Distinctions provider for Allergan (the maker of BOTOX®), and will help you discover proven results that 11 million women and men have experienced. With real, noticeable improvements, no surgery and no recovery time, there are many reasons why BOTOX® Cosmetic is so popular. Once we discuss your treatment goals and determine if BOTOX is right for you, you’ll see results within 24-48 hours, which may increase during the first week after treatment and can continue to improve up to 30 days after treatment. You’ll enjoy long-lasting results up to 4 months.


BOTOX® is a wrinkle treatment that defeats:


• Frown lines

• Crows feet

• Forehead furrows

• Skin bands on the neck


Trusted and Recommended

Melissa’s aesthetic services blend art, science and expertise. Visit her Products and Services pages, and be sure to check out her Testimonials. Dozens of clients have provided feedback and rave reviews. SkinScriptions by Melissa Gibbens is honored by the trust of these patients and their loyalty. You deserve to look your best! Call 713-458-0224 or contact her today online!


Feedback from Happy Clients

• Being a mother of two and a full-time working mom, it’s no surprise that lines and wrinkles began forming on my tired face. I met with Melissa to discuss options for regaining my long-lost youthful appearance and after a thorough consultation (wherein she could have upsold me since I was desperate to try anything), she recommended a minimal dose of Botox. Sure enough, that was all I needed to look and feel much better! During the procedure, she calmed my nerves by informing me of what she was going to do, how it would feel, and when I could expect to see results. As a person with the upmost integrity, Melissa really treats her clients well and wants the best for them. I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else; I’m a client for life! — R. G.

• Botox erased that frown line between my eyebrows, which made me look angry. Now I look relaxed. Thanks, and I’m a customer for life! — Mary M.

• Missi used Botox around my mouth to relax the lines without making my lips look bigger. I look natural and love my results. — Sherri J.

• Melissa is amazing! I saw her today for my very first treatment of Botox and Belotero injections. She was very professional and made me feel comfortable and at ease right away. I am enjoying amazing results already. I will definitely go back. I give her an A+. — Ann B.