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Patients asked for it, and we listened! Skinscriptions by Melissa Gibbens is pleased to offer the highest quality aesthetic products and services in both the Memorial and Katy area.


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About Skinscriptions by Melissa Gibbens

SkinScriptions by Melissa Gibbens provides patients a precise, beautiful outcome. Founder Melissa Gibbens, R.N., has trained many physicians and nurses in the “art” of injecting over the last eight years, including those in the greater Houston area and local Katy cosmetic doctors. Read her bio to learn more about her degrees, training and expertise.


As a registered nurse and certified aesthetic nurse specialist, Melissa believes her patients deserve a younger, yet balanced, geometric outcome without looking “done.” Comprehensive patient care and unwavering commitment to excellence has earned Skinscriptions by Melissa Gibbens an outstanding reputation as one of Houston’s premier med spas.


Tailored to Suit

“It is sometimes hard to believe that a patient’s personality can help me understand what ‘look’ my patients desire,” says Melissa. “Some are hesitant and want something more subtle. Some say, ‘Go for it. Do whatever you think I need!’ No two patients are alike, and each procedure should be personalized to create the perfect outcome. This is my specialty.”


Much like shopping, everyone has their own style, and as long as the pieces are put together, the possibilities are ENDLESS. It is Melissa’s job to make sure all the “facial accessories” work beautifully together—tailored to suit!


A Blend of Art, Science and Expertise

Melissa (also known as Missi) continues to educate physicians and nurses on the latest clinical advances. But her greatest focus is providing options to her aesthetic clients. She knows each individual has hopes and expectations. Her mission is to formulate individual treatment plans specifically for them. You can be assured that she is completely invested in results, which begins with an evaluation and goes far beyond the “quick” consultation you might experience at other med spas. An evaluation of bone structure, muscle and symmetry will ultimately result in a rested, youthful appearance.


Beauty, Balance and Budget

Why not trade your caffeine fix or fast food habit for a chemical peel or dermaplaning? It is possible to have a beautiful complexion on a budget.


For instance, people may think they can’t afford Botox, yet they visit Starbucks once a day, every week, month after month. It may take a “priority tweak,” but something as simple as giving up gourmet coffee and investing the savings in your skin is a win/win. After all, the coffee can wait… unlike your skin. NOW is the time to get serious about your aesthetic. Skinscriptions by Melissa Gibbens is here to help.


“I can make small changes to someone’s appearance as discreetly as they desire,” says Melissa. “As they look in the mirror, my goal is that they see improvement, but are not ‘scared’ because they don’t look like themselves. It’s about beauty and balance.”


Skincare and More!

SkinScriptions by Melissa Gibbens offers dermal fillers, Botox and Xeomin, chemical peels, dermaplaning, Clear and Brilliant Laser, IPL, skincaresun care, Mineral makeup, Clarisonic, LATISSE for eyelashes, and sclerotherapy for spider veins. Melissa also teaches the underlying foundation for a healthy glow—a personalized daily skin care regimen.


“We can do ‘in office’ procedures all day long, but clients must commit to taking care of their skin at home to maintain great outcomes,” she says. Teaching good skincare health is the foundation of Skinscriptions by Melissa Gibbens. Good skin care has to be foundation, for it preserved youthfulness and maintains healthy skin. “Just because it comes from a high end department store and is packaged in a luxurious container (smelling delicious), doesn’t mean the product yields beautiful results,” says Melissa. “I used to be guilty of this as well, but have learned over the years to walk in and ask myself, ‘Is there anyone in this establishment I want to emulate? Does anyone here have skin I’d like to have?’ It makes you reconsider.”


Flawless is a Call Away

Visit Melissa’s Products and Services pages, and be sure to check out her Testimonials. Dozens of clients have provided feedback and rave reviews. SkinScriptions by Melissa Gibbens is honored by the trust of these patients and their loyalty. You deserve to look your best! Call 713-458-0224 or contact her today online!


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