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Melissa Gibbens has carefully crafted a non-surgical approach to looking younger.

She has perfected the art of cosmetic rejuvenation by combining fillers, skincare and wrinkle relaxers with beautiful results customized for her patients.


“By pairing the latest techniques using dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers, an instant ‘liquid lift’ can be achieved with minimal downtime,” she says. From preventative skin care to cosmetic rejuvenation, Melissa transforms patients throughout Houston, Katy and the surrounding areas with expert aesthetic services.


Experience You Can Trust

Melissa is a registered nurse and certified aesthetic nurse specialist. She earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Health and Wellness Promotion and a teaching certificate in secondary education. She instructs doctors and nurses in the art and science of injecting, and has developed a reputation of being one of the best dermal filler trainers in the Houston and Katy areas.


“I want to give my patients a more youthful appearance, without distorting the geometric balance of their faces,” she says. Very early on in her career as an injector trainer, she realized that the basic fundamentals of injecting can be learned, but having an “eye” for it cannot! “I am passionate about what I do and take it seriously. Anyone can inject, but only a few truly have an aesthetic eye and understand how to customize their approach for each patient,” she says. “Through an understanding of facial anatomy and the art of injecting, it’s amazing what can be achieved!” Only a gifted professional like Melissa can truly ensure cutting edge cosmetic enhancements with excellent outcomes.


A Blend of Art, Science and Expertise

Melissa’s career in the “beauty business” began at Estee Lauder. Currently, and over the last twelve years, she has been deeply involved in aesthetics industry as an educator, and has been training doctors and nurses in the art of cosmetic injecting during the last eight years.  She is on the forefront of the latest clinical advances (which are constantly evolving).


Her greatest focus is providing options to her aesthetic patients. As a master in facial anatomy and the art of injecting, Melissa is able give her patients the “WOW” effect. She formulates individual treatment plans specifically for her patients, and you can be assured that she is completely invested in results. Her evaluations go far beyond the “quick” consultation you might experience at other med spas. Melissa considers your unique bone structure, muscle and symmetry to achieve a rested, youthful and less tired appearance. She believes her patients deserve a younger, yet balanced, geometric outcome without looking “done.” In short, her aesthetic services blend art, science and expertise.


Flawless is a Call Away

SkinScriptions by Melissa Gibbens offers Dermal Fillers, BOTOX®, XEOMIN®, chemical peels, dermaplaning, Clear and Brilliant Laser, skincare, sun care, GLOMINERAL makeup, Clarisonic, LATISSE for eyelash growth, and Sclerotherapy for spider veins. Melissa also teaches the underlying foundation for a healthy glow—a personalized daily skin care regimen.


Please visit our Products and Services pages, and be sure to check out our Testimonials. Dozens of clients have provided feedback and rave reviews. SkinScriptions by Melissa Gibbens is honored by the trust of these patients and their loyalty. You deserve to look your best! Call 713-458-0224 or contact us today online!

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